Four Sentences File Folder Games

We have a new online computer program at my school called Lexia and as I was watching students play some of the games I was inspired to make these file folder games. On Lexia, the students were given words from a sentence ¬†in scrambled order and they had to drag the words into the correct order. I found I could fit four sentences on one file folder. I made four different sentences and I color coded them. The sentences are placed in a matching colored box in the correct order. After all the sentences are made, students read the sentences and match illustrations with the correct sentence. So students are practicing sentence forming with a capital letter and a period to give them clues, but then they have to read the sentence and comprehend in order to match the correct illustration. I also included some writing assignments and word searches to practice writing, spelling and reading the words. The first package, 1-10 has sentences that are all about colors.¬†Package 11-20 has more objects like, "The boy is flying a kite". All of my game pieces are numbered for easy organization and to quickly put away loose pieces.The first package, 1-10 has sentences that are all about colors. Try File Folder Games 1 and 2 in this freebie! … [Read more...]

ABC Order

  I made this game to work with primary students on alphabetical ordering of call numbers, but since I only included three letters, leaving off FIC or E, the game can be used in any classroom. The letters are not based on real author names, instead I used any letters that fit my criteria. I made five levels. Level 1 has a different first letter for each of the 5 cards. Most students could do this easily by using the ABC chart I included in the game, but they got the hang of how the game works. In Level 2, all the cards have the same first letter, so students had to look at the second letter; pretty easy when they got the hang of it. Level 3 has two cards with the same first letter, for instance: BRU, BUL, CAR, CHU, DAB. Students had to learn how to look at the second letter to put both B cards in order, and then the C cards, a challenge for some students. Level 4 has the same first two letters and students only have to look at the last letter. This was easy for them, but I hoped they were getting the idea of looking at each letter to put them in order. Level 5 was a big challenge! This game has a mixture of everything we have learned so far. Some cards have the same first two letters, but they all have the same first letter. For instance: BLE, BLA, BAT, BAR, BEA. Here is how to make the game. I used manila envelopes, glued a cover on them and laminated them. Then I took an exacto knife and slit the opening of each envelope and now they will last a long time.   I made eight games, which will service a group of up to five. Each cover has the level number and the group number and since each piece of the game has the same information on it, it is easy to find the right envelope for any loose piece. Each sheet has a set of cards with colors printed on it to tell you the color of paper to print it on. For instance, the following blue cards would be printed out on blue paper.   There are five colors, blue, orange, … [Read more...]