Martin Luther King Fact and Opinion Game

I have another Fact and Opinion Game to tell you about, this one is a short biography on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. My games are always 30 slides long so I only hit the highlights of his life. I did not talk about his death because I don't think that is the important thing about him.   It was tough to find pictures that aren't protected by copywrite laws, but I found several that are in the common domain and I used clip art to fill in the other areas.   The game also includes my bookworm cards to award points, and the card that has fact on one side and opinion on the other. I like to play this game with 8 groups of about 4 students. Each group gets one fact/opinion card. I put up the slide and give them a few minutes to discuss it and they put the card face up on the table with their answer of fact or opinion. Then I walk around the tables and give a bookworm card to every team that has it correct. After 10 slides, the "count your bookworm points" slide comes up and the groups count their points and I give the team with the highest points prizes.   Students enjoy playing this game and they can learn a little bit about history and society. … [Read more...]