Library Vocabulary Book

At the beginning of the year, I like to show a video called Using the Library to the 3rd and 4th graders, and Using the Internet to the 5th graders. The videos are 23 minutes long and have a lot of great information and come with small teacher guides. I pulled 10 vocabulary words from each video and I have students make a mini-book to help them learn the definitions. First, cut the borders off on the dotted lines.   Then fold on the solid lines. It is important to fold before cutting the flaps, otherwise the flaps are difficult to fold and they become very crooked.   Then open the sides and cut along the dotted lines, stopping when you get to the solid line.   I print out the definitions for students to glue under each flap, or they can write the definitions. Gluing is faster and easier for struggling students.     Then, students draw a picture on the outside of each flap to give them a visual for the definition.   I have them glue this mini-book on the sides of their lapbook, covering boxes 1 & 5.  I have the definitions posted in the library and while they are working on this mini-book, I have a PowerPoint slide show presenting the definitions. To get a free copy of the Using the Library mini-book click here. To get a free copy of the Using the Internet mini-book, click here. … [Read more...]