Reading Journals

I bought a bunch of E-books for my students from Capstone Press. What a great thing! My students just love them. I like to use the E-books with my Kindergarten and 1st grade students, and they work so quietly and diligently to get the privilege of getting on the computers. The E-books can be read to the students or the sound can be turned off. Students get a lot of great practice moving the mouse and clicking the arrows to go to the next page besides hearing a story and reading along. I wanted students to write about what they were reading so I came up with these journals. I take three pieces of paper and print on both sides, fold in half and staple with a long arm stapler. I have three different graphic organizers that I use. For the first one, students write about their favorite part and draw a picture. I have another one where students write three words that describe a character and a graphic organizer for non-fiction books and students write a fact they learned. On the left side, students write about the book we read together and on the right side they write about the E-book they read on the computer. It's available on Teachers Pay Teachers.   … [Read more...]