Animal Dictionary

  I wanted my 2nd graders to start using the dictionary but I recognized, as emergent readers, some of them would find this difficult. So, I tried to make it fun and I ended up with a lesson that I start at the beginning of the year but students continue to work on throughout the year. This is the beauty of Lapbooks, those quick finishers always have something to work on. I post my list of tasks in a PowerPoint, which they do in the order they are listed, and the last one is always, "Work on your Animal Dictionary if you are finished with everything else". This book is printed on four pieces of paper, both sides. I glue this book in box 6 because it is a heavy book and needs to be in a sturdy part of the lapbook. I use The American Heritage First Dictionary, in the library, with 2nd graders. It has a lot of pictures, with simple definitions, and well labeled sections. Students look through the pages of section A until they find an animal they want to add to their dictionary, usually alligator. On the top line, they write the animal, then copy the definition on the rest of the page. In the little box they draw a picture of the animal. At the end of the book are two word searches with animal words for them to enjoy when they are all done making their book.   Click here to purchase. … [Read more...]