How to Make a Lapbook

What is a lapbook? A lapbook is a folder of some kind that holds several mini-books.  I started using them in the library because I like students to use the computers, but since I only have 16 computers, half the class needs something else to do. So, I started filling the lapbooks with many different activities, so that everyone always had something to work on.

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open lapbook

I use large pieces of construction paper, but I have seen lapbooks made from file folders as well. Here is how I make lapbooks.

Fold a long piece of construction paper in half (like a hamburger).

2013 09 03_1812

Then open it up. The center crease makes a nice straight line for you to accurately fold in the two sides.


2013 09 03_1816


Then you have two doors that are the cover of the lapbook.

2013 09 03_1817


Next take a cover and fold it in half (like a hotdog).

2013 09 03_1818


Cut it in half using the crease as a cutting line.

2013 09 03_1820


Glue each half on to each door.

2013 09 03_1821


Then I like to open the lapbook up and have the students draw a line across the middle. It doesn’t have to be straight or even accurately in the middle, it is just a guideline. This makes eight squares, which I have the students number. Then when we glue in a mini-book, I can say, “glue this book in square 3”, and it keeps their books much neater and ensures that they don’t glue the books in randomly which eats up all the space.

2013 09 03_1823

You can use it just like that, but I found if I added another page to the back, I could use one lapbook for the entire school year. Add a page.