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Wkeep_busye have an awesome Blog Hop this weekend! We are presenting ideas for craft projects to do this summer with your kids, grand-kids or for summer camp and classes or just for you to try out.

My kids are grown, but I came up with a craft using technology that they could participate in, even the one who lives across the country! Gotta love technology!

I was inspired to make a Wordle craft, when I saw one hanging in a teacher friend’s house that someone had made for her.

group pic editt

The first thing I did was make a form in Google Docs for my family members to fill out. I use Google Docs a lot and I love it. I use it to give tests to my students that can be automatically graded. I have made forms for voting for student council, favorite books, class choices. You need a Google account and then click on Google Drive.

google drive

On the left side click on “create” and then move down and click on “form”. Fill in the blanks to make your form. There are several formats that you can use to make a form: multiple choice, check boxes, paragraphs. I used a text box. When I was done, it looked like this:


I listed each member of my family and asked that everyone think of 10 words to describe each person. Not everyone came up with 10 but I was happy with whatever they came up with. The words can be descriptive, like cute and smart, or about the person’s life: teacher, librarian, reader, etc.

I copied the URL for the form and sent it to each member of my family and asked that they fill out the form. I had to prod a couple of them a couple of times, but eventually they all filled it out. They came up with some interesting words. One person gave each family member a color. Mine is purple. I don’t know why. I got the results in a spreadsheet that looks like this:


I looked through the words, deleted some that were somewhat unflattering and I capitalized each word. I didn’t delete words that are duplicates because duplicates make the Wordle picture more interesting. Then I added the person’s name five times because I wanted it to be the biggest word. Then I went to Wordle.

Wordle is a fun website that picks out words from a paragraph of text that you submit. It’s fun for students to do with their essays because it picks out the most used words, but it won’t pick out words like a, is, what, the, etc. Words that are used multiple times are made bigger in the picture.


I entered all my words and pressed go. You must have Java for it to work.

wordle words

The menu across the top allows you to change the colors, the font, and the directions the words are arranged. I kept changing it until I liked the arrangement. The biggest problem with Wordle is that it is difficult to save your creation. You can take a screen shot or if you have a program that copies screens like Snag It!, you can easily use that or you can just print it. I wanted to put a frame around my picture so I saved it as a picture and used PowerPoint to make it prettier.

To make a frame for my picture, I inserted a square shape on my PowerPoint slide and changed the color. I then inserted another square, made it smaller, and centered it in the middle. Then I selected the big square, held the control button while selecting the smaller square, then I hit the subtract button. This left a border with a big white space in the middle.

subtract shape


Then I inserted the Wordle picture and adjusted the size and placement until I liked it.

Screenshot 2014-06-26 21.16.49

Screenshot 2014-06-26 21.20.11

Then I printed them out on photography paper and framed them and hung them up. My kids were delighted with the words that their siblings picked out for them and the grouping looks unique and interesting in my office.

group pic editt


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  1. What a great, inexpensive gift and pick me up! I love that it was not just you who came up with the words. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

    Teaching Momster

    • Desertnites says:

      Thanks so much Krista! I even posted the picture on my daughter’s Facebook page for her birthday and she loved it!