Halloween Fact and Opinion Game

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My 1st grade students really like when I play games like this one. Before getting started, I had to make a lot of Bookworm cards.

2013 07 08_1748I have 8 tables and I usually have my games in rounds of ten, so I need at least 80 cards. I use these cards for management of the class too. If students are doing a good job, I throw a Bookworm Card on their table. If they are doing something I don’t like, I will take one back. Since the cards have different denominations on them, students never know for sure if they are losing, which keeps them motivated to get more cards. My rule is no one can touch the cards until I say it is time to count the points. Otherwise, they are attacking the cards every time I drop one. The cards have numbers  and books to count for students that can’t add a bunch of numbers.

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I made a PowerPoint presentation, with three rounds of 10 sentences, that are either a fact or an opinion, all about Halloween. Each table gets a card that has fact on one side and opinion on the other. I put up a slide and read it aloud, give the students a few seconds to quietly discuss it, they put their answer card face up on the table, then I walk around checking answers. I get a lot of exercise on game days. If students got the correct answer, they get a card. Then I click the mouse and reveal the answer.



At the end of the round, students add up their points. I double check and the winner gets a little prize. Then on to round 2!

To purchase the PowerPoint presentation and the Bookworm Cards, visit my TPT store.

The cute witches are from Whimsy Primsy at Digiwebstudio and Kristi W. Designs also at Digiwebstudio.