Flags of the World

My 2nd graders' favorite unit is my Flags of the World unit. My focus for 2nd grade is alphabetical order and I found a fun way for students to look up words alphabetically and not even realize it. I start the unit by reading a book called, I Know About Flags, which is getting to be an old book but gives a nice overview about flags.¬†After I read the book, I ask students to raise their hand and tell us one fact they learned about flags. When we return to our seat, I ask students to think of keywords that will help remind them of the facts. For instance, the fact is "flags are flown in front of important buildings", the keyword could be "buildings". I type all of the keywords into a PowerPoint or write them on the whiteboard. I also have the bibliography citation information written on the PowerPoint for students to copy into their books. After we have several keywords, students will write their three facts using complete sentences or short phrases¬†depending on their ability. When they are finished, they begin working on their flag book. For this book, students will need a resource like almanacs or atlases. The book is divided by continents and students will color four flags from each one. I made cards with every country, and students will randomly select one to determine which flag to color. Kids really like choosing cards, I guess because it is kind of like a game. They find the country in their almanac and color their flag. Then they return the card and get a new card. Every week, I read a new nonfiction book that has something to do with flags and students continue working on their two flag books. My unit has the two books and the cards for every country and can be found here. Students will listen to nonfiction books and recall facts, write facts and bibliography citations, use resources, look up words alphabetically, write geography words using capitalization. Common Core: RI.2.1, RI.2.3, RI.2.5, RI.2.8, L.2.2.A, L.2.2.E, L.2.4.E, W.2.8, … [Read more...]

Reading Journals

I bought a bunch of E-books for my students from Capstone Press. What a great thing! My students just love them. I like to use the E-books with my Kindergarten and 1st grade students, and they work so quietly and diligently to get the privilege of getting on the computers. The E-books can be read to the students or the sound can be turned off. Students get a lot of great practice moving the mouse and clicking the arrows to go to the next page besides hearing a story and reading along. I wanted students to write about what they were reading so I came up with these journals. I take three pieces of paper and print on both sides, fold in half and staple with a long arm stapler. I have three different graphic organizers that I use. For the first one, students write about their favorite part and draw a picture. I have another one where students write three words that describe a character and a graphic organizer for non-fiction books and students write a fact they learned. On the left side, students write about the book we read together and on the right side they write about the E-book they read on the computer. It's available on Teachers Pay Teachers.   … [Read more...]