Keep ’em Buzzy Blog Hop

We have an awesome Blog Hop this weekend! We are presenting ideas for craft projects to do this summer with your kids, grand-kids or for summer camp and classes or just for you to try out. My kids are grown, but I came up with a craft using technology that they could participate in, even the one who lives across the country! Gotta love technology! I was inspired to make a Wordle craft, when I saw one hanging in a teacher friend's house that someone had made for her. The first thing I did was make a form in Google Docs for my family members to fill out. I use Google Docs a lot and I love it. I use it to give tests to my students that can be automatically graded. I have made forms for voting for student council, favorite books, class choices. You need a Google account and then click on Google Drive. On the left side click on "create" and then move down and click on "form". Fill in the blanks to make your form. There are several formats that you can use to make a form: multiple choice, check boxes, paragraphs. I used a text box. When I was done, it looked like this: I listed each member of my family and asked that everyone think of 10 words to describe each person. Not everyone came up with 10 but I was happy with whatever they came up with. The words can be descriptive, like cute and smart, or about the person's life: teacher, librarian, reader, etc. I copied the URL for the form and sent it to each member of my family and asked that they fill out the form. I had to prod a couple of them a couple of times, but eventually they all filled it out. They came up with some interesting words. One person gave each family member a color. Mine is purple. I don't know why. I got the results in a spreadsheet that looks like this: I looked through the words, deleted some that were somewhat unflattering and I capitalized each word. I didn't delete words that are duplicates because duplicates make the Wordle picture more interesting. Then I added … [Read more...]

Baseball Fact and Opinion PowerPoint Game

This is my favorite Fact and Opinion game yet. I just played it with my 2nd graders and they loved it. The game has thirty slides and tells the story of a kid going to a baseball game with his dad. Each slide has one statement on it. My students are divided into eight teams and each team gets a card that says fact on one side and opinion on the other. I show a slide and the students put the correct answer face up on their table. I then get my exercise by looking at each answer to see if it is correct. If it is correct I drop off a bookworm card. The bookworm cards have 1 to 5 points on them. My rule is that students are not allowed to touch the cards until it is time to count up the points, otherwise they pounce on each card and it very annoying. Then I click the PowerPoint slide and a baseball bounces into view with the words fact or opinion. It's really cute and the kids were delighted by it. After 10 slides the "count your bookworm cards" slide comes up, then the kids pounce on the cards and count up their points. Students can add or count the pictures on the card. The team with the most points gets a prize. Then on to round 2. During the game I will ask why is that an opinion, to check for understanding, or what word in the sentence makes it an opinion?   You can get my Baseball Fact and Opinion PowerPoint Game here. It includes the Bookworm Cards and there is a preview of a few slides if you want to see how it works. Like this post on Facebook and get a free Fact and Opinion mini-book!   :) … [Read more...]