Flip-Flop Blog Hop

My friends and I are having another fun Blog Hop. We are reviewing each other's products, giving away free stuff and having fun raffles! So join the fun!     This week I tried out Dirt Road Teacher's Sharks Informational Text, Graphic Organizers, Vocabulary, craftivity. This is a fun unit on sharks that has a lot of activities to do but also gives you tools to add your own ideas as well. Dirt Road Teacher has compiled a list of websites that can be used for researching different species of sharks and provided a nice informational text page of shark facts. There are a lot of vocabulary words with activities and writing assignments, posters with vocabulary words and definitions, a mini-book for students to write their own research book about sharks and even fun trading cards. The first thing I did was read my 1st graders a book about sharks, called Surprising Sharks. We talked about the facts we learned about sharks. Then I showed them a 6 minute video with more facts and of course it is fun to see sharks swimming around looking all scary. Then I handed out the graphic organizer and together we wrote some of the facts we learned about sharks using the headings for each column, sharks can, sharks have and sharks are. Next, I handed out books for each student or pairs to evaluate with the review sheet from the packet. I demonstrated with my book each feature on the list and students looked through their books to see if they had it. Students would be disappointed if they were missing a feature, but I told them that is why we often need to look at many different resources when we are doing research. Then I let the students find some facts on their own using their books. They found some great facts which we shared with everyone at the end of the period. This was a great introduction to shark research!   I really like the trading cards that are included in the packet. The illustrations are colorful and fun and I … [Read more...]

Spring Has Sprung and Games are Fun Blog Hop

Double Bubble Map File Folder Game I use double bubble maps a lot with primary students. Double bubble maps are thinking maps that are used to compare and contrast and I like to use them to compare fiction with non-fiction books or two types of fairy tales and things like that. I made a PowerPoint slide of a double bubble map so I could project it on the screen and we could fill it out together and I give the students a sheet to fill out. This gave me the idea of making a file folder game set up as a double bubble map with pictures to compare and contrast. Students practice reading and think critically about how to fill out the bubbles.   The games are very easy to make, simply print out, all of the pieces are numbered for easy organization. Laminate the game pieces and trim the game boards on the dotted line. Glue the game boards on to the file folder and it is ready to go. Click on the picture to get one free Double Bubble Map File Folder game. Signup for my raffle to win my bundle of 10 Double Bubble Map File Folder Games. a Rafflecopter giveaway Then click on the button below to hop to the next blog The Researched Based Classroom.  … [Read more...]