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Spring Has Sprung and Games are Fun Blog Hop

Double Bubble Map File Folder Game I use double bubble maps a lot with primary students. Double bubble maps are thinking maps that are used to compare and contrast and I like to use them to compare fiction with non-fiction books or two types of fairy tales and things like that. I made a PowerPoint slide of a double bubble map so I could project it on the screen and we could fill it out together and I give the students a sheet to fill out. This gave me the idea of making a file folder game set up as a double bubble map with pictures to compare and contrast. Students practice reading and think critically about how to fill out the bubbles.   The games are very easy to make, simply print out, all of the pieces are numbered for easy organization. Laminate the game pieces and trim the game boards on the dotted line. Glue the game boards on to the file folder and it is ready to go. Click on the picture to get one free Double Bubble Map File Folder game. Signup for my raffle to win my bundle of 10 Double Bubble Map File Folder Games. a Rafflecopter giveaway Then click on the button below to hop to the next blog The Researched Based Classroom.  … [Read more...]

Reading Journals

I bought a bunch of E-books for my students from Capstone Press. What a great thing! My students just love them. I like to use the E-books with my Kindergarten and 1st grade students, and they work so quietly and diligently to get the privilege of getting on the computers. The E-books can be read to the students or the sound can be turned off. Students get a lot of great practice moving the mouse and clicking the arrows to go to the next page besides hearing a story and reading along. I wanted students to write about what they were reading so I came up with these journals. I take three pieces of paper and print on both sides, fold in half and staple with a long arm stapler. I have three different graphic organizers that I use. For the first one, students write about their favorite part and draw a picture. I have another one where students write three words that describe a character and a graphic organizer for non-fiction books and students write a fact they learned. On the left side, students write about the book we read together and on the right side they write about the E-book they read on the computer. It's available on Teachers Pay Teachers.   … [Read more...]